What is pinsa, you ask?

Pinsa is enjoyably digestible! The dough is made from Non-GMO rice, soy and wheat flours. Pinsa is a work of culinary art and a revelation into the pizza industry. It is considered a game changer by many existing restauranteurs worldwide. Given its outstanding taste, all natural properties and health benefits, we are confident Pinsa will become a mainstay in the United States market as well.

The ease of digestibility is due to several factors, including the 72 hour process of cold fermentation which breaks down starches, the 80-90% hydration and the simplicity of all natural ingredients. The perfect “maturation” is the result of our specific cold working method of the dough based upon the study of optimal temperatures for each phase of the process. During the maturation period, complex sugars and proteins break down into simple sugars and amino acids, resulting in a delicious, incredibly easy and natural digestive experience.

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