From Scratch has some exciting news for the new school year! We are offering pre-made school lunch for your kids. Give them something nutritious, tasty, and popular.

How do you get the lunches?

Lunches are delivered to your home the night before school. Perfect for tomorrow’s lunch. No messes, no clean up. Just delicious food. Most meals come with a snack like freshly baked cookies.

school lunch school lunch school lunch school lunch school lunch

Where can you order the meals?

Great question, click this link to order from our popular lunch items. (click here for school lunches)

Which meals do you offer?

Here’s a quick list of the lunches we provide.

  1. chicken cutlet with carrots and zucchini

  2. eggplant “meatballs” with salad

  3. pasta alle checca

  4. broccoli hamburger

  5. polpette or “meatballs” and rice

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